1 Millibar


SD Line

mixing room


The excellent performance of the
MILLIBAR-SDLINE spraybooth depends
essentially on 5 elements

  • >> Specific air volume calculated on the booth dimensions
  • >> Booth pressure maintained constant at around “0” pa
  • >> Section and position of the air intake in the filtering plenum proportioned to the size of the booth and to the height of the rear air suction wall
  • >> The perfect combination of these 3 elements allows Millibar to obtain an even, regular air flow without any turbulent areas
  • >> The performance obtained in this way is not even comparable to those old semi-downdraft spraybooths present on the market or known up to now


Other unique Feature for high performances with low energy consumptions:

• Partial warm air recirculation in bake mode to obtain temperature uniformity

• Inverter on exhaust motor to adjust pressure inside the spraybooth.


No need of pit excavations

No need of metal basement and ramps