Millibar LT is an incredible budget saving high-performance downdraft spray booth, designed for
automotive refinish body shops that demand high quality of the paint process, minimum running costs, reliability but who do not need relevant thermal potentialities.

The Millibar spraybooths let you work in a clean and healthy environment. The special neutral tone
lighting, housed in top fixtures inclined at approx. 45°, allows precise shadow-free colour correction.

Air recirculation

All the air handled by the fan is put into the booth

Uniform light distribution

Providing the best lighting conditions for the painter

Reduction in runnning costs

The long life of the ceiling filters considerably reduces frequency of replacement

Sheet metal surface treatment

Top paint coating baked at 240°


The downdraft ventilation system adopted by Millibar guarantees the best conditions for painting. The filtered ceiling and the air exhaust pit underneath create a vertical downdraft air flow that is evenly distributed inside the booth and allows overspray to be removed immediately at all points around the vehicle.


During the bake cycle 100% of the air handled by the fan is put into the booth and from there only 15%-20% is expelled outside, while the remaining 85%-80% is recovered and topped up with fresh air by means of the cycle changeover damper.

Compared with other systems used by competitors (reduction in air volume), this system offers great and exclusive advantages arising precisely from the fact that all the air handled by the fan is put into the booth:

  • Even temperature distribution in all points around the vehicle being painted
  • Rapid reaching of bake temperature and consequent reduction of bake times
  • High energy savings due to recovery of most of the heat produced for the bake cycle


Correct lighting inside the booth must allow uniform light distribution and avoid glare and shadow on the surface to be painted.
The Millibar light fixtures installed at the top of the booth alongside the ceiling filters, inclined at 45°, guarantee all this, providing the best lighting conditions for the painter. The neon tubes used by Millibar guarantee correct colour tone and are high energy saving.


The filtering ceiling is composed of high-efficiency heat-resistant microfilters. The large surface covered and their progressive density guarantee high dust retention capacity and low resistance to the air passage. The long life of these filters considerably reduces frequency of replacement, contributing to reductions in running costs.


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